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What Is The Best Time Of Year To Have Your Roof Replaced?

Even with the highest quality roofing materials, a roof replacement is necessary after some time. It reaches a place where it can no longer hold the pressure, especially with the harsh weather conditions of Bethlehem, PA.

One of the biggest questions we have come across concerns the best time to replace a roof. When should you call for roof replacements?

In our experience, fall is the best time to get a good job done on your house. Even though most roofing contractors will be busy during this time, it should be a perfect atmosphere, especially if you book early enough.

There is no problem if your roofing contractor can work any time of the year though. It all comes down to getting the best roof over your home and your urgency.

We have highlighted the advantages and limitations of roof replacement during different seasons below:

Spring Roof Replacement

Early spring is a popular season to replace your roof for a few reasons. First, it comes right after the cold winter temperatures.

As the harsh weather conditions fade, more enjoyable conditions set in, encouraging many homeowners to start thinking about home improvement projects. Roof replacements are the perfect solution when roof leaks, drafts, cave-ins, or constant repairs may be too much to handle.

You need a good time to take care of those missing shingles. The spring weather is not as cold as winter, hot as summer, or busy as fall, making it the best time of the year to replace the roof. The cooler temperatures make the replacement process easy and efficient.

However, planning can be difficult, considering the unpredictability of the weather.  Serious roof damage can happen when the rains or high heat during some part of the day interrupt the process. This can lead to details.

And that is why we recommend working with experienced roofers. They will come prepared for the conditions and find the best way to accommodate them.

Summer Roof Replacement

Summer is one of the busiest times for most roof installers. Early summer, especially, provides the best conditions for replacing asphalt shingles. The roofing materials harden better and faster since there are not much rain and the days are longer.

Call your roofing company in late spring and early summer. The rains have stopped, the extreme heat is still far, and the humidity is mild in the air. It’s an excellent time to replace your roof.

However, this is the most difficult time to schedule a re-roofing project. Many roofing companies will be working on completing their projects, prices will go up, and time slots will be too few. Many homeowners plan to avoid extreme temperatures in the summer heat.

Since it’s the busiest season, your project may be pushed too far into the extreme heat. Roof installations become too challenging as the sun produces more heat, which can melt the materials. It will be hard to get good roof work when the material gets constantly affected.

Call our roofers early enough to schedule your next roofing project during the mild weather conditions in early summer. We will ensure your roof is fixed before the higher temperatures hit, making it more durable.

Fall Roof Replacement

Late summer and early fall are other popular times when many roofing companies will be glad to work on your house. The summer season is ending, offering a great combination of cooler and consistent weather conditions.

An experienced roofing contractor will advise you to get a new roof now in preparation for the cold, snow, ice, and sleet. The comfortable temperatures offer the best roof replacement options, as the clear weather allows roofers to work with various materials.

Generally, the temperature is between 45F and 85F, with fewer rain threats, making it ideal for a new roof installation.

However, scheduling your roof installment project can be a bit challenging. Many people will be looking for the service, which can push your appointment into the blistering cold temperatures of late fall and early winter.

If you wish to replace your roof during fall, plan. Call your roofing consultant at least two months early or as soon as you notice a leaking roof.

Winter Roof Replacement

The extreme cold temperatures make winter a slow season. Hence, some people think replacing a roof is not a good time.  However, it could be the best time for the job.

The harsh winter season creates more roofing contractors’ availability, ensuring your project is completed on time.  However, be ready to reschedule when the weather conditions are too extreme.

Some contractors can still install a roof, especially when the weather cooperates. The problem comes when the temperature drops below 40F.

Since singles need thermal sealing to set, colder temperatures can delay the process. Ice accumulation can also make it even harder to work on the roof, damaging roofing materials.

Don’t wait for good weather to call for emergency repairs. It’s possible to work on some parts, like fixing leaking roof shingles. You can also replace the entire roof, especially if the roofer understands the conditions and what they are doing.

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